Our offer: Washing, Sweeping, Moth-killing treatment 10,90 EUR per m2. Pick up and delivery included. Tel.06.6386043, Mob.338.9837874,333.8888760 - Via Aurelia, 493 Roma

About Us

Brief historical references

Tutunci Hamadani's family started trading oriental carpets with grandfather Mr. Tutunci, whose name was Damad Ebrahim (Damad means "The Bridegroom" in Farsi language, so, literally, "Bridegroom Ebrahim"). He was born in the year 1266 Shamsi of Iranian calendar (1880 AD) in the city of Hamadan; he originally traded in tobacco, so assumed the surname Tutunci (meaning "producer of tobacco") de Hamadani (meaning "native of Hamadan"). He moved later to the city of Arak (main city of Ostane Markazi region, about 285 km. from the capital and 130 km. from the city of Qom) and started trading in Persian carpets so masterfully that he's still remembered by the senior merchants of the city. He had three children: Hossein, Hassan and Resa, with the last one continuing, after his father's death occurred in the year 1322 Shamsi (1944 AD), his father's business, but almost for fun, without the same dedication. The grandson Mohsen (Hossein's son) has subsequently resumed his grandpa's enterprise, moving to the Italian city of Florence, where he has started a dynamic business, well-known nowadays all over Italy and abroad. The grandson Mogi moved to Rome where, together with his wife Germana Tarantini, he established this company. Our family has therefore been operating in Italy for over 40 years in wholesale and retail trade of Persian and Oriental carpets, receiving the highest appreciation by a great number of customers, that we gained thanks to selling by mail order, TV and Internet, and to the strategy of our "Mobile Shops".


Our success is due to:

Reliability, Experience and Dependability dedicated to our customers for over 40 years, thanks to a qualified organization that coordinates a professional sales network from our Rome headquarters, in order to reach our customers in every Italian region. All our carpets are accompanied by a guarantee, assuring their origin, authenticity and quality, with a replacement option. Our vast assortment of carpets is continually updated with constant searches and selections on the main world markets. Our "Mobile Shops", which can transport over 170 carpets of various dimensions and origins, offer the client the opportunity to preview particular carpets, also after specific request, with no obligation to buy. You can therefore try the carpets at your home, with the possibility to verify their dimensions, colors and combination with your home furnishings. And the advice of the skilled members of our family is always at your disposal. Then, as we deal with modern, handmade carpets, we're also able, on demand, to create "ad hoc" dimensions and colors. This service is obviously available also to Embassies, Institutions, Hotels, Associations and Professional Firms. Special terms of payment available, even interest free, after loan approval.


Our services

We can offer the services of:
- Washing of carpets, tapestries, kilims by softening, anti-smell and moth-killing oriental method;
- Restoration of arabesques, application of fringe stiller, invisible mending of holes, re-insertions of fringes and color spot cleaning:

Please feel free to contact us for a booking:
TEL. 06 6386 043 / 338 9837874
333 8888760 Germana
333 8888 760 Mogi
The shop is seated in Rome, Via Aurelia 493
(free parking for customers).
Opening time:
Every day from Monday to Saturday
from 09,30 a.m. to 13,00 p.m.